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'Put your headphones on for this dramatic story & exceptional orchestration, that will whisk you away somewhere else entirely'


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"Green has created a multifaceted artwork that is as original as anything that has come out of this strange year."

"The Portal is more than just a means of escape, a way of losing yourself in the primitive allure of dance and music. It is a kind of mirror to the world as it is now, a hauntological document that plays on our strange relationship with the past and our uncertainties about the future."

Folk Radio, 25/09/20

Awesome story awesome soundscapes. This was gripping

jennygreensleeves, Apple Podcasts Review

"We have to think that one day we’ll do this in front of an audience"

The Stage, 16/09/20

Musician Martin Green of folk supergroup Lau on the story behind his new podcast, The Portal

The Herald, 26/09/20

01 How It Started

MG introduces us to the protagonists of our story - Angela Dixon and George Etteridge MacAskill why he needed them and how he found them. Etteridge is a folk song collector, and Angela is a half-forgotten figure of the 70s.  

02 Meeting Angela

MG tracks down Angela, now 90 years old, he tells her of his concerns, and she confirms his fears. Something unexpected arrives at MG’s house, and puts a journey in motion for him, that will affect him forever. 

03 Angela Records for Etteridge

It’s 1942, Etteridge is discharged from the army, and travels to Scotland to continue his academic research. Angela makes a records a song for Etteridge that will play a huge part in his future.

04 Etteridge Listens

Angela runs away from a difficult life in Scotland, only to encounter an equally hard one in London. Etteridge discovers Angela’s song and it has a profound effect on him.

05 Etteridge Searches for Angela

Etteridge finds it hard to change the patterns in his behaviour. His search takes him into genuine danger. 

06 Etteridge finds Angela in a Pub

If you spent four years looking for someone, would you know what to say when you found them?

07 Angela Comes to Oxford

In an effort to escape her violent family, Angela comes to Oxford. Etteridge, delighted, but rather surprised gives her a job as his assistant. 

08 The Hoving

Angela persuades Etteridge to try out the ancient ritual of The Hoving. The result is more than either of them bargained for.

09 Angela Goes Out on Her Own 

Angela gets better and better at her job and exciting opportunities come her way.  Etteridge is struggling to keep up.

10 The Fall Out

Secrets are fine until people find them out. Things come to light for Angela and  Etteridge  which may cause them to part forever. 

11 The Wave Stops

Hidden in the tapes we hear a conversation that took 24 years to happen. 

12 How It Started

The last piece of the puzzle arrives with MG. The very last recording Angela ever made. 


BONUS The Making of The Portal

Martin Green speaks to director Wils Wilson, and actors Alison Peebles & Anna Russell-Martin about how they made a fictional podcast in a pandemic

The Portal contains strong language, references to drugs and alcohol as well as references to sexual exploitation.


The Portal Complete Album

+ Podcast 5CD + Signed A4 Print.

Limited Edition of 300 copies!


The Portal (CD Album)

The Portal (Digital Download Album)


Lose yourself in a story of obsession, 40 years of nightlife and 4,000 years of human connection. In The Portal Martin Green, Wils Wilson, and David Greig have woven together a tale of love, music, drugs and deceit over 12 episodes available on Apple Music/Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all good podcast platforms free of charge.


A story where two obsessive sound-recordists, and lovers torn apart by circumstance; Etteridge and Angela left us the most incredible collection of 20th century documentation ever made.


From 1947 to 1988 they never met. They recorded any and every aspect of London nightlife, from war-time dance-halls to the legendary M25 raves. But these recordings never saw the light of day until they were discovered in 2016.


Why did they keep these tapes secret? Because for 40 years these parted lovers had been leaving messages for each other in these recordings, a dark, dark story left for us to piece together.


"The Portal began as a little day dream that spiralled out of control and out into the real world. The opportunity to be making a piece of work of this size, with these remarkable collaborators is beyond exciting. Audio has always been the world where I feel most at home, and I love stories. As a story-telling form, podcast is a perfect medium for me. It is a perfect halfway house between reading a book, where you get to decide what characters look like for yourself, and film, where you are able to present so much detail."

Martin Green

The Portal contains strong language, references to drugs and alcohol.


The Portal was written by Martin Green, directed by Wils Wilson with Dramaturgy from David Greig.
Recorded by Louis Blatherwick, Sound Design by Martin Green with thanks to Eloise Whitmore. Mixed by Calum Malcolm and Cameron Malcolm.  Music stems mixed by Tucker Martine.
Original music by Martin Green. 
The musicians were Martin Green, Yasaman Najmeddin, Radie Peat, James Holden, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Kate Young and Adrian Utley
Executive Producer & Script Editor was Polly Thomas. 
Produced by Martin Atkinson for Lepus Productions in collaboration with Naked Productions.


Martin Green: MG
Dylan Read: Etteridge, Jim
Alison Peebles: Angela (Older), Angela’s Mum, Lady Henthorne
Anna Russell-Martin: Angela (Younger)
Adam McNamara: Freddy Taft, Peter, Angela’s Dad
Owen Whitelaw: Hotelier, TV Presenter, Acid Academic
Amanda Wilkin: Mary, Becca, Traffic Warden
Jessica Hardwick: Heather
Nadia Albina: Jill, Acid Academic
Tam Dean Burn: Piper

Casting by Anna Dawson

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