Split the Air is a new piece of brass music composed by Martin Green that will be featuring at the PRS New Music Biennial, being performed by the superbly talented National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. The music is part of Lepus' year of brass, where Martin Green has spent a year immersed in brass banding scene - the compositions, competitions and the communities. 

The first performance took place in Coventry, UK City of Culture on 23 April and the next is at The Southbank Centre on 2 July. You'll also be able to hear the piece performed at other points during the year that we will be announcing soon. 

The New Music Biennial presents new music across all genres, from classical and chamber opera, to jazz, folk and electronic. 20 of the UK's most pioneering and innovative composers and their work are selected to perform these compositions across two weekends in 2022.

You can read more about Martin's journey into the brass band world here - and why he decided to write the piece.

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Split the Air has been funded by the PRS Foundation. Music composed by Martin Green and Orchestrated by Benjamin Woodgates.

PRS New Music Biennial


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