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On 3 April, Martin Green and Whitburn Brass Band presented a first live preview of the new audio drama Keli live at The Lyceum (released on The Lyceum's Sound Stage on 26 April). It featured the premiere of Split the Air, a new piece of music written for the PRS New Music Biennial by Martin Green and orchestrated by Benjamin Woodgates and performed by the incredible Whitburn Brass Band.

The evening provided a combination of compelling storytelling and powerful music provided by 20-times-winning Scottish champions Whitburn Brass Band making it an event like no other: a true celebration of what can be created when drama and music combine to tell stories inspired by real people from towns across Scotland's central belt.

Martin Green has spent the last year immersing himself in brass banding, surrounded by the communities, the competition and the legacy of coal. Inspired by the resilient, creative individuals he has met, he’s produced a three-part BBC documentary, Love Spit and Valve Oil, a new piece of music Split The Air and an audio drama, Keli, commissioned by The Lyceum and created by Martin Green, with Lyceum associate artist Wils Wilson. Performance directed by Laura Carreira.

Supported and funded by Creative Scotland, Shetland Arts, The Space, Marchus Trust and performance commissioned by The Lyceum.

Photograph: Sandy Butler ​




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