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Christmas can be hard. But Christmas is wonderful.

Through music and modern storytelling, Martin Green examines this paradox. We’ve pulled ourselves through winter in a million ways for a million years, and we need it. So, ultimately — this is a celebration, but one that acknowledges there is darkness round the light.

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Martin Green has gathered a host of remarkable friends to join him on a journey around the darker corners of Christmas and into the light. His accordion and electronics, familiar to fans of award-winning folk adventurers Lau, sit with the fiddle of Ultan O’Brien (of Slow Moving Clouds) and composer and improviser Laura Jurd on trumpet. Together they draw the older music and stories of Christmas into a new light.​ 

Martin Green says: "’I'm not what I’d call a Christmas person, I love people, music, doing stuff — but do I love Christmas? I’m not sure. So when Opera North asked me to make a Christmas show, I was quite surprised. Christmas is complex. I was keen to explore that complexity. We’ve pulled ourselves through winter in a million was for a million years, and we need it. Ultimately this is a celebration, of those ways, both ancient and modern. The show is storytelling and music and is entirely suitable for family audiences, which is a great thing — although I did have to go through the script and take all the fucking swearing out."

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09 Dec

Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

13 Dec

Cambridge Junction

14 Dec

Attenborough Arts Centre, Brighton

16 Dec

Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford Contemporary Music

20 Dec

Bristol Beacon


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